Perigord Black Truffle
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Black Winter Truffles - Perigord

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Tuber Melanosporum, often known as the black winter truffle, is regarded as the best of the bunch.

In the northern Italian province of Trento, black truffles are harvested. Additionally, they are in season from late November to mid-March in France and Spain, and they mature to their fullest in January and February.

The earthy perfume of Perigord black truffles is so potent and distinctive that you will be surprised by it. It is somewhat musky and light sweet.

Cooking with Perigord black truffles is successful because the heating procedure brings out the delicious truffle flavour. Rich flavours can be enjoyed simply with risotto, pasta, or a black truffle omelette.

For your upcoming truffle order, our hand-selected winter black truffles are meticulously graded and professionally sealed.

Delivered with overnight express courier services.

We suggest consuming within 5 days of arrival for optimal pleasure.

Priced per gram for full-size truffle balls.

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