First Time Trying Percebes

The first time I ever tried Percebes was during a surf trip out in Tofino, British Columbia. With one of my best buddies from Spain. I had all the time in the world, with my sailboat moored in Hornby Island, and a forecast showing no wind but clean swell for at least a few days. It was a no-brainer. We stopped for a quick break at the Pacific National Park, and Victor walked over to check out the surf. No more than a minute later, I heard him yelling on the beach.

I looked over to see him making crazy hand gestures and screaming with joy. He ran back carrying a handful of something that looked like tiny little alien creatures. While totally out of breath, and with a thick Spanish accent he tried to explain what they were. After three tries, I finally understood he found something he easily recognized as a prized delicacy from back home that he would enjoy on a fairly regular basis only available in Spain.

It took some convincing for me to finally agree to sample the goosenecks, mostly because of the way they looked. His excitement swayed me. We cooked them right there on the beach, over a jetboil stove, in seawater. He showed me the art of eating them and staying clean, but it took me several goosenecks to get the hang of it.

Fast forward ten years, and I am on my way to Tofino again, to meet my good friend and trusty fisherman. He regularly goes out in the water to get goosenecks by scaling rocks that will typically get exposed during low tides. I know that only knowledgeable and experienced pickers should take on the risk of jumping off the boat and balance on the sharp rocks, but I can’t help myself and join him in the race against the waves to pry out a handful of Percebes.

I love Goosenecks not only for their unique taste but also because they are picked in a sustainable manner that ensures the delicate ecosystem on Canada’s west coast remains wild and beautiful for future generations to experience."

Within a day of harvest, Goosenecks are expedited, still fresh and smelling of the salty great Pacific, a succulent fare allowing you to enjoy the reminiscent spirit of the seaside.

Taste the mighty Pacific with your family and friends this holiday season!

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