Uni Sea Urchin.
Diver Caught Uni Sea Urchin
Diver Caught Uni Sea Urchin
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Diver Caught Uni Sea Urchin

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Pacific Wild Pick diver caught Seafood.

Ready and cleaned Sea urchin Roe. 

Premium Sashimi-grade 110g 5slot Trays. 10 tongues.

Sea Urchin Uni what is it?

The Red Sea urchin is a type of spikey seafood that lives in 20-50ft depth and is from the invertebrates family related to starfish with spiny spherical shells that enclose five segments of bright yellow-orange reproductive organs known as Uni.

How to eat uni sea urchin?

Think of the sea urchin uni as a raw oyster.

We always recommend trying Uni in its purest form when fresh. Sashimi style. Although there are so many variations of eating sea urchins such as toppings on toasts and biscuits, Nigiri, and plain noodles. Try your favorite and let us know!

Sea urchin uni taste:

In terms of flavor pairing, think of sea urchin seafood as you would think of caviar. They both have a delicate flavor with salty-oceanic notes. As with caviar, sea urchin uni is often simply spread on a biscuit or a piece of toast to showcase flavors without any distraction. In Japanese cuisine, it is common to use sea urchin to top plain nigiri sushi or stirred into plain noodles. And in Italy, sea urchin is often stirred through a bowl of tagliatelle.

Sea urchin uni nutrition facts:

Uni is considered an aphrodisiac and is said to contain euphoria-causing chemicals similar to that found in cannabis.

It contains

-Low Carbohydrate Content
-Low in Calories
-Very low in Fat
-Rich in Protein

Which kind of sea urchin uni is this?

Pacific Wild Pick has the best Red sea urchin uni online.

Each piece of roe is delicately handpicked, graded, and packed the same day to lock in freshness and quality.

Ordering fresh Uni trays:

We on the same day Uni is processed and cleaned so you can be certain it is the freshest sea urchin roe in Canada.

Due to high order volume, and very limited quantity per harvest PLEASE WAIT TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT YOUR ORDER STATUSIt may take a couple of days for us to fulfill your order. If we are unable to do so, we will happily issue you a refund.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

Shipping :

Canada and USA overnight express delivery.