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Pacific Wild Live Geoduck Clam

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Geoducks pronounced “gooey duck”, are also known as “king clam,” “elephant-trunk clam”. Research shows these giant clams are native to the Pacific North-West waters. They date thousands of years back and have been enjoyed by residents of the area ever since.

These burrowing clams are found submerged up to 4 feet under the ocean floor and feed on local algae through their extended siphon. Our pro divers harvest along the BC coast, from Haida Gwaii down to northern Vancouver Island. Constantly in search of the right harvest location and the perfect window of time to safely retrieve them based on weather and tide. Every single Geoduck is hand-picked and carefully inspected to make sure it is alive and in healthy shape.

The geoduck siphon meat has a sweet, fresh sea flavour and crunchy texture. It can be eaten raw, as sushi or sashimi, or simply fried.

Geoduck will range in size from 1.35 Lbs to 1.85  Lbs per clam.

Recommended prep:

1. Immerse the clam in boiling water for 20 seconds

2. Remove the shell and the membrane surrounding the body

3. Serve the siphon sashimi or sushi style


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