Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles FRESH - Pacific Wild Pick
Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles FRESH - Pacific Wild Pick
Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles FRESH - Pacific Wild Pick

Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles LIVE

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Live, Fresh Gooseneck Barnacles. 1lb
**Please read before ordering**

Due to the limited harvest of Gooseneck Barnacles or Percebes every year, we are now taking reservations for next season (SPRING/SUMMER 2024). 

The product price is 45$/lb
Currently, we are only charging a deposit is to reserve your Percebes (plus shipping costs added at checkout). Once the season starts, we will contact you to complete your order.
You will only be required to pay the difference. 

Have you had the pleasure of savoring Percebes, the culinary gems of the sea?

These extraordinary delicacies, closely resembling the claw of a prehistoric creature, offer a taste experience that is truly divine. Allow us to introduce you to the rare and precious Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles – a treat that transcends the ordinary.

Native to the Atlantic Ocean, these captivating crustaceans are meticulously harvested from the Pacific coast along the northern parts of Baja California. Their journey from the sea to your plate ensures that you receive only the finest quality, ensuring an unparalleled gourmet encounter.

With a texture that boasts exquisite firmness and a captivating hue of orange, the flesh of Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles is a testament to their unparalleled freshness. Each bite carries the essence of the ocean, marked by a distinct and invigorating iodized flavor that transports you to the breezy shores. As you relish these morsels, you'll also uncover delicate vegetal undertones that playfully dance on your palate.

Imagine an exquisite dish that not only delights your taste buds but also sparks conversations and moments of pure gastronomic delight. The Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles are a culinary rarity that beckons those who seek exceptional flavors to embark on an unforgettable journey of taste.

So, who's ready to embark on this extraordinary culinary voyage? Join us in experiencing the unique allure of Baja California Gooseneck Barnacles and elevate your gastronomic repertoire to new heights. Your taste buds deserve nothing less than perfection – and that's precisely what these remarkable crustaceans deliver. Dive in and let your palate indulge in the extraordinary.

Typically a healthy portion is 10 Percebes per person

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