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Sashimi-grade wild Mirugai are hand-harvested in the chilly waters off Vancouver Island in Canada. The siphon, or neck, and the mantle, or breast, are the two main components of their black-and-white shells. The mantle is the flesh within the shell, while the siphon is the portion that protrudes from the shell.

The texture of Canadian geoduck is delicate, with a pleasant crunch and a little chewiness.
In many restaurants, Pacific North West Goeduck is regarded as premium geoduck because to its remarkable flavor and scarcity. They have a robust flavor that is transparent, somewhat sweet, and salty.

Geoduck will range in size from 2Lbs to 2.2 Lbs per clam.


Store in a refrigerator under a moist cloth for up to 3 days.

How to prep?

Cleanse Geoduck for 30 seconds to blister skin. cool quickly.

Plunge the geoduck in boiling water for 30 seconds to form blisters and loosen the tough outer skin. Open shell; remove the skin and tripe. Slice along the shell on one side. Garnish; to clean. Cut the breast of the geoduck away from the siphon. Cut for the desired use

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