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Wagyu Ribeye

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Canadian Wagyu Ribeye Steak. Frozen

**Available for shipping twice per month**

Incredible texture texture. Melts in your mouth.
Evenly distributed marbling, super tender.

The wagyu ribeye steak is the most decadent, rich, juicy and full-flavored cut of beef.

Our ribeye come with exceptional marbling to achieve the succulent and buttery texture for the ultimate steak lover. This cut is best cooked fast with high dry heat to give the steak a great sear.

The most valuable Wagyu originate from Japan. If referred to as "full-blood," a cow is a direct descendant from Japan, and has 100% Wagyu bloodlines. Along with foulbroods, we also offer our high-percentage purebred cattle, guaranteed to have 94% or higher Wagyu bloodlines.

Canadian Raised. 


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