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Vancouver Uni

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BC Uni Harvest Will be back in August!

***Pre Orders ONLY***

Chefs from all over the globe love BC Uni because of its delicate, sweet, and fresh flavor. If you enjoy 'Uni' and have never heard of Sea Urchin from British Columbia, you're in for a treat! 

Sashimi Grade Quality. 110g, 5-slot tray of red sea urchin roe. Contains 10 tongues.

Fresh weekly harvest off the Vancouver Island In British Columbia.
Sashimi-grade. Cleaned and ready to eat.

Our Sea Urchin is diver-caught and the roe is delicately handpicked, graded, and packed the same day to lock in freshness and quality.

**Please note: Due to high order volume, and very limited quantity per harvest PLEASE WAIT TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT YOUR ORDER STATUS. It may take several weeks f
or us to fulfill your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

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