Japanese Mustard Mizuna - Pacific Wild Pick

Japanese Mustard Mizuna

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Fresh Japanese Mustard Mizuna. 150g

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Mizuna, known by various names like Japanese mustard or California peppergrass, offers a unique taste experience. Contrary to its name, it's not overly peppery or mustardy, but rather boasts a pleasantly crisp texture with mild peppery notes and a hint of earthiness.

Unlike some greens, Mizuna's stems are equally enjoyable, adding to its versatility in culinary use. Commonly found in mixed salads, especially in California, it also features in Japanese cuisine, pickled, simmered, or in hot pot dishes.

Mizuna's resilience to cooler weather makes it a favorite during winter, perfect for hot pot recipes. Its adaptability allows it to be used interchangeably with arugula, making it ideal for salads, sautéing, or even sandwich fillings.

Whether tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette or paired with bacon and tomato, Mizuna's subtle yet distinct flavor enhances various dishes, earning it favor among chefs and home cooks alike