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Live Geoduck Clam

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Wild Canadian Live Geoduck Clam.

Geoduck from Canada is one of the most unique seafood delicacies in the world, making them a seafood favorite treat. Harvested from the cool, pristine waters of Canada’s Pacific coast, they have earned an international reputation for great taste, fresh flavor, and premium quality.

Geoduck (Panopea Generosa) is the largest burrowing clam in the world. Although they can grow to over 5 lbs, most of the ones commercially harvested will range from 1.2-2 lbs. Each Geoduck is hand-harvested, making it a truly sustainable wild harvest.  As a product of nature, every geoduck is unique and will vary in size, color, and shape.

The geoduck siphon meat has a sweet, fresh sea flavor and crunchy texture. It can be eaten raw, as sushi, sashimi, or fried.

Geoduck will range in size from 2Lbs to 2.2 Lbs per clam.


Store in a refrigerator under a moist cloth for up to 3 days.

How to prep?

Cleanse Geoduck for 30 seconds to blister skin. cool quickly.

Plunge the geoduck in boiling water for 30 seconds to form blisters and loosen the tough outer skin. Open shell; remove the skin and tripe. Slice along the shell on one side. Garnish; to clean. Cut the breast of the geoduck away from the siphon. Cut for the desired use

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