Fresh Santa Barbara Murasaki Uni Roe
Fresh Santa Barbara Murasaki Uni Roe
Fresh Santa Barbara Murasaki Uni Roe
Pacific Sea Urchin Uni

Fresh Santa Barbara Murasaki Uni Roe

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The 2024 Season is on!

Rich and buttery with a mild flavor. Renowned for its flavor and quality. Limited availability.

Grade A Quality. 110g, 5-slot tray of red sea urchin roe. Contains 10 tongues.

Fresh weekly harvest off the west coast of California.
Sashimi-grade. Cleaned and ready to eat.

Our Sea Urchin is diver caught and the roe is delicately handpicked, graded, and packed the same day to lock in freshness and quality.

What Does Uni taste like?

It has a sweet and creamy flavor with salty-oceanic notes and is similar to caviar in terms of flavor pairing.
We always recommend trying Uni in its purest form when fresh, sashimi-style. Although there are so many variations of eating sea urchins such as toppings on toasts and biscuits, Nigiri, and plain noodles.

Try your favorite and let us know!

**Please note: Due to high order volume, and very limited quantity per harvest PLEASE WAIT TO BE NOTIFIED ABOUT YOUR ORDER STATUS. It may take several weeks f
or us to fulfill your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

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