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Rainbow Kiwi Gift Box

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Fresh Rainbow Kiwi . 9 Pieces

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These little gems are a true delight for your taste buds, offering a succulent and sweet experience that's impossible to resist. Just like the famous Japanese peaches, Rainbow Kiwis are truly one-of-a-kind, and if you manage to snag one of these beauties, consider yourself truly fortunate. Yes, their extraordinary sweetness comes at a premium, but trust us, they are worth every penny.

What is a Rainbow Kiwi?

Rainbow Kiwis, known as "虹のキウイ" (Niji no Kiwi) in Japanese, come in various enchanting varieties. So, what do these Japanese kiwis taste like? Imagine sinking your teeth into their vibrant, multi-hued flesh, and you'll be greeted with a burst of intense kiwi flavor and an exceptional sweetness that's unparalleled. Compared to the typical green kiwis you find in your local grocery store, Rainbow Kiwis are less tart and substantially larger. While green kiwis are also available in Japan, it's the Rainbow variety that reigns supreme in popularity.

Why are Rainbow Kiwis so unique?

The secret to Rainbow Kiwis' remarkable flavor lies in their meticulous cultivation. These kiwis are pampered from the get-go, shielded with care while still green to encourage their vibrant colors and sweetness to develop. Harvesting them is an art in itself, as each fruit is lovingly plucked from the vines by hand to prevent bruising. Their delicate nature makes transportation a challenge, driving up their price, even within Japan. The allure of Rainbow Kiwis has been so strong that stories have emerged of daring thieves sneaking into orchards under the cover of night to snatch these treasures and sell them on the black market.

During Japan's summer gift-giving season, Ochugen, Rainbow Kiwis become highly coveted presents to bestow upon loved ones or esteemed clients, and they can set you back $100 per box, or sometimes even more. So, if you ever receive a Rainbow Kiwi as a gift, know that someone truly values you and wants to make an impression! Rainbow Kiwis are typically in season from June to September, with different varieties ripening at various times.