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Wakame seaweed salad

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Dried Wakame Seaweed.

ONE OF A KIND gourmet addition with an unmistakable bold taste of the ocean!

A TRULY UNIQUE GIFT for yourself or any cooking aficionado. 

100% WILD ORGANIC foraged. No Chemicals were used.

This Wakame is wild-harvested from the ocean and dried naturally at ambient temperature.

This edible leaf of seaweed, also known as wakame, it is a top-rated culinary product in Japan and other parts of Asia, for use in soups, salads, and snacks.

Wakame is low in calories but rich in nutrients, such as iodine.

Our harvest methods are primitive and low impact to ensure the seaweed forest stays healthy and undisturbed. Seaweed grows wild on a yearly basis, which means the amount of harvest varies, and the length of the fronds/blades can be found in different shapes and even taste more or less salty.

Harvesting seaweed is very much weather-dependent throughout the whole process from the moment we step over the boat in the ocean all the way until the final seaweed is cured and packed.  Typically the harvest is at the end of the summer months as they reach their maximum yearly growth cycle. The blades are collected and naturally dried on the beach until crunchy (below 8% humidity).

The salty taste of Wakame seaweed can be described as umami-rich, which means a “pleasant savory taste” in Japanese.

These flakes have so many uses:
*Throw a pinch into your salad dressing or condiments
prinkle into soups, stocks and curries
*Season your popcorn
*Mix into your omelette

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