wild ramps for sale - Pacific Wild Pick
wild ramps for sale - Pacific Wild Pick
wild ramps for sale - Pacific Wild Pick
wild ramps for sale - Pacific Wild Pick

Wild Ramps For Sale - Pre Order

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2023 Pre-Order!!

Season:  April-June

Harvest per order.

Origin: Canada, USA

Wild ramps, or Allium tricoccum, are a species of wild leek that grows in North American mixes forests. 

Chefs and foodies adore them for their distinct and pungent flavor, which combines garlic, onion, and leeks. 
Because the flavor is richer and more robust than typical store bought leeks, they are a popular element in a variety of cuisines.
Wild ramps are highly valued for their scarcity and seasonality, in addition to their distinct flavor.  They are only accessible for a brief time in the spring, making them a sought-after item among top chefs. as they are highly perishable and everyone wants to try them fresh  
Because they are highly sought after, they are frequently collected in great amounts, raising sustainability concerns about over-harvesting and potential harm to wild ramp populations.
As a result, chefs and foodies must be cautious of where their wild ramps are purchased and ensure they are from ethically harvested and sustainable picked small scale pickers .
Shipping Fresh in bundles of 2/4/10lbs.

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