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Wild Harvest- Dried Rose Hips

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Dried Rose Hips.

Wild Harvested Rose hips , freshly plucked from the vibrant summer of 2023.

A Taste of Sunshine: Our Wild Harvested Rose hips captures the very essence of summer in every bite. It's like a burst of sunshine and nature's goodness rolled into one. Whether you're a seasoned home chef or just love experimenting in the kitchen, this little gem adds a world of delicious possibilities to your dishes.

Heartfelt Sustainability: Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We pick each rosehip by hand, making sure to leave nature undisturbed. So, when you choose this product, you're not just getting a culinary treat, you're also taking a step towards preserving the beauty of our environment.

Community Connection:

Your choice matters. With every purchase, you're helping us empower local foragers. It's about building strong communities, creating opportunities, and ensuring a future where both nature and people thrive together.

Culinary Adventures Await:

From crafting tangy jams and soul-warming teas to whipping up mouthwatering desserts and savory sauces, Wild Harvested Rosehip is your passport to culinary adventures. It's that secret ingredient that turns ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences.

Professionally dehydrated and shelf steady.

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