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frozen spot prawn tails
BC Spot Prawn Tails - Pacific Wild Pick

BC Spot Prawn Tails

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Frozen Spot Prawn Tails. 1lb

Flash frozen in salt water.

Sashimi-grade Spot prawns tails.

Harvested sustainably from the cold waters of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

These spot prawns are from the shrimp family. They are known for their sweet, delicate flavour and a vibrant red exterior. Spot Prawns are foodies' choices in terms of size, flavour, and texture. 

Enjoy our 2024 wild-caught spot prawns in just about any seafood dish to make it epic!

The taste is buttery, sweet and melts in the mouth.

Spotties are so good that a simple BBQ or pan fry will allow you to fully appreciate their flavour.

We recommend completely thawing them overnight in the fridge a day before.

Best to BBQ/Fry in their shells until ready to use to retain the shape of the delicate flesh.

No chemicals or preservatives.

Naturally Organic and Wild.

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