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Stinging Nettle - Fresh - Pacific Wild Pick
Stinging Nettle - Fresh - Pacific Wild Pick

Stinging Nettle - Fresh

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2024 Season Just Started 


Stinging nettles are some of the very first signs of wild greens after the winter.

We are excited to harvest these super nutritious, healthy plants and delivery them fresh to your door.

Stinging nettles are packed with natural medicinal properties known to boost our immune system. Some consider it a superfood. We just call it Supernatural wild pick goods.

We gather nettles when they are young in remote areas on the coast with very little population and close to no development.

Preparing stinging nettle is quick, easy, and delicious!
The possibilities are endless.

From a spinach replacement on your favorite pizza to nettle sauce and soup and pesto, there is plenty of room to get creative.

Have more questions? check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.